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We encouraged our clients to participate in their experience by engaging in what they notice during and after their session. A session can last any where from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. Each person is treated individually and each session is unique and tailored to each individual and their needs at the time.




Some things you may notice during your session

  • Energy or vibrations moving in or around you
  • Feeling centered and peaceful
  • A desire to move your body
  • Shift postions
  • Feelings, thoughts, memories and emotions surfacing
  • Increased awareness of your heart space and your body
  • Temperature changes, hot or cold
  • A wave of energy hitting your body
  • Colors, pictures or images
  • Physical shifts
  • Relaxed/Tranquil
  • Stillness

Some things you may notice after your session
  • Improvement of mood and mental state
  • Lightness of being
  • Increased range of motion and circulation
  • Increased energy and purpose
  • Desire to move or take action
  • Increased relaxation, or a need for rest
  • Synchronicity
  • Decrease in pain, inflammation or limitations
  • Decreased fear and other limiting programs
  • Decreased need for some medications
  • Renewed appreciation for relationships, family, job and life in general

The Session

Sessions done in person may include the use of a light touch, conversation, silence, laughter or movement. A person can be standing, sitting or lying down. Sessions received at a distance are generally done over the phone. Clients make themselves comfortable while we connect. Distance work is equally as effective as being in person. Changes can be both noticed immediately and unfold over time.

Experience is Unique

Everyone experiences change differently so there is not one exact way that you are supposed to feel. Some people are very aware of things shifting both during and after a session while others do not consciously notice very much during a session. The effectiveness of the work does not rely on your capacity to sense or feel things, although a willingness to notice things in new ways is greatly encouraged. The work we do can have an effect on every level of your experience. There are really no limits as to how and/or what you can experience. Because we work with energetic patterns, sessions can cover a great deal more than just the physical body. Some of the things we work with are... opening to heart intelligence/inner awareness, releasing of emotional patterns, limiting beliefs and experiences, physical patterns and injuries, pre and post surgery healing facilitation, addictions, opening to abundant awareness, manifestation, business, relationships, families, pets and animals, deepening of relationship to Self and the field of Matrix Energetics Working with intention. 

Most people who decide to have energy work done have a reason for doing so. Although we do work with specific needs and concerns we also like to allow for what shows up. This means that results are not always specifically determined and unexpected things can happen. We shift energy patterns in the electromagnetic fields and hold space for transformation. By holding an open space many things can be transformed and even healed, however: We do not heal, treat or diagnose any condition or disease. Energy work is not a substitute for medical care and Teresa Kelly-Tagas is not doctor. Emergency situations should be treated as such by notifying proper medical authorities and seeking professional medical care. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to medications or other health care programs.

The heart torsion field is 5000 time stronger than the brain torsion field.


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